Effective April 15, 2020

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The Fit Cut provides exercise modifications for most fitness levels and equipment types. Its platform and method allows the user to be guided through a workout and exercises while having the freedom to choose the components within the program. This works by allowing the user to assemble playlists from posted video content. The Fit Cut offers a training platform for users and a library of modifications for Gx instructors.

The Fit Cut provides videos, tutorials, unique methodology and instructions, and playlists. All of the above are copyrighted.


The user assumes all responsibility of risk of injury or other associated with following the exercises, workouts, and examples set forth by The Fit Cut. It is recommended that individuals using The Fit Cut and its services gets cleared by a physician for physical activity of this sort. The user will not hold The Fit Cut responsible for any results or expectations met or unmet. The user is solely responsible for the outcomes and results produced.


All content produced by The Fit Cut within the scope of services including videos, playlists, graphics, writing, methods, and material developed by The Fit Cut is cophyrighted by The Fit Cut website and remains the exclusive property of The Fit Cut.

Users agree not to publically share, download, record, or transfer content to others.


Users agree to pay for services and membership features, including assembly of playlists and access to videos. Users acknowledge that payment is collected using Stride and should refer tot heir terms of use.

There are no returns. Membership fees must be paid in full before service is granted.


Users are granted access to features dependent on joining and based on membership with The Fit Cut. Membership terms can change at any time.


This membership is non-refundable and will be active for the lifetime of THEFITCUT.COM