The Benefits of Cutting

Why Cut It? The History and Benefits

Cutting is formatted after an expert training technique called BURNOUTS that was created by Henry Alkins in 1947. Also known as DROP SETS, STRIP SETS, RUNNING THE RACK, BREAKDOWNS, DESCENDING SETS, or DOWN THE RACK. As the name implies, the weightlifter performs an exercise and continually reduces the weight for more reps until failure.

Typically this technique is an advanced method used in weight training. Not anymore. CUTTING is specific to the individual’s level and ability. Each person CUTS at his or her own tempo, intensity, and duration, making it perfectly personalized for anyone. Plus, we are branching out from the weights. These workouts utilize any type of desired equipment: weights, bands, balls, and body, and can be done anywhere.

Like Burnouts, CUTTING allows you to continue past fatigue by utilizing modifications of the same exercise. This method is perfect for aesthetic training. It increases blood flow, increases heart rate, and encourages hypertrophy. Not only are you CUTTING (or decreasing) the intensity throughout the exercise, but you are also going to #getcut doing it.

By consistently CUTTING, you will see remarkable improvements in your strength, resting heart rate, and performance. As you move through the modified exercises you will recruit different muscle fibers, thus achieving muscle growth that wouldn’t have been accomplished at a steady intensity.

Besides being able to push past your plateaus and get results, one great benefit of THE CUT workout method is that you have complete control. Time is no longer an issue. Whatever time you have is all it takes.

It’s time to CUT IT.