The Master

Creator and founder of The Fit Cut

Hey! I’m Charlotte —  your new trainer, cheerleader, and friend!I love fitness, and health is my passion. If I could workout all day, I would be tempted. But wait! If the thought of exercising disgusts you, and the only reason you exercise is to eat yourself an extra dozen cookies… I am talking to you too.

Each stage of life presents different challenges and opportunities. I’m thinking about school, work, kids, vacation, injury, laziness… and that’s just the beginning. The struggles are real and I’m here to help you CUT them out of your life. Or at least to take away some of those excuses for why you don’t exercise.

I, myself, have 3 kids. Between them and my husband, I couldn’t be happier… or busier and more distracted during my workouts. I also know what it’s like to have a day job and long commute. Yuck. And school? Been there, done that. Injury? Back pain to the major. Trust me, we are doing this together. Pretty soon, you’ll be a Master Cutter too!

Charlotte is AFAA certified to teach Group Fitness and has certified in yoga and Pilates on the ball, perinatal fitness, Barre Vite, and Piloxing. She taught a variety of group fitness classes until moving to St. Kitts where she started her own YouTube channel, “JFY Fitness,” as a hobby. She has worked as a wellness coach since 2011, teaching and motivating people to become their best selves. Charlotte also graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Movement Science and Master’s Degree in Corporate Wellness.